Smart Middle East, Eli Avidar Smart Middle East, Eli Avidar

Advisory Board



Mr. Eli Avidar – Chairman; formerly Political Adviser of the Foreign Minister, head of Israeli Mission in Qatar and chairman of Third Redeployment Commission


Maj.-Gen. (Ret.) Eyal Ben Reuven – Head of “Born to be Free” Fellowship


Dr. Alex Bligh – Head of Department of Israel and Middle Eastern Politics, and Director of Israel National Strategic Assessment Center, at University Center in Ariel


Ambassador (Ret.) Zvi Gabbai – formerly Deputy Director General for the Middle East and the Peace Process in the Foreign Ministry


Colonel (Ret.) Shalom Goldstein – senior adviser on Arab affairs; formerly Governor of Hebron


Mr. Yehiel Horev – formerly Head of the office in charge of security for Israel’s defense establishment (MLMB).


Mr. Yaacov Yaniv – retired senior official in GSS (General Security Services)


Mr. Shaul Levy – Commissioner (Ret.) of Prisons Authority


Ambassador (Ret.) Daniel Mokady – formerly Head of the Foreign Ministry’s Political Planning Division


Prof. Shmuel Moreh – Lecturer in Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Institute for Asian and African Studies at Hebrew University; Israel Prize laureate in Oriental Studies


Ambassador (Ret.) Zvi Mazel – served as Israel’s Ambassador in Egypt and Sweden


Mrs. Linda Menuchin – formerly with Kol Israel in Arabic and Media Consultant to Arabic Media


Dr. Oded Potchter – Expert in environmental change in the Middle East; head of Geography Department at Beit Berl Academic College; senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University


Dr. Mordechai Keidar – Senior Lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan University


Ambassador (Ret.) Eli Shaked – served as Ambassador in Egypt and as Consul General in Istanbul


Prof. Moshe Sharon – Professor at Institute for Asian and African Studies, and founder of first chair in the world for Bahai studies, at Hebrew University


Mrs. Mona Takomi – Retired Communicator in Arabic with Kol Israel and IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority)


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